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Created 8-Aug-09
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All Images from new ANTARCTIC Book (by teNeues 2009)

The book is a tribute to life in the polar regions and is showing images from the Arctic & Antarctic. We play with the words a bit and call the book
ANTARCTIC (the letters ARCTIC being BOLD)

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Thanks for all your support !

Michael Poliza

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Guestbook for ANTARCTIC Book
Michael Poliza Photography
Dear Maselo!
Thanks for your comment and question! My email reply to your email address just came back. I cannot see which image you refer to but assume it’s the jellyfish. I just asked Michael and he said the image was not taken underwater. He just held the camera above the water and made sure there was no reflection.
Best, Silke
Denisse S.(non-registered)
Really, really, Thank you so much for sharing this, such wonderful pics. Very inspired....
Carlton Larson Photography
Very well done. Beautiful images and informative commentary.
Guerra Giuliano(non-registered)
Browse your books and how to travel by sitting comfortably at home! Congratulations for all your wonderful photographs
John Doherty - UK Nantwich(non-registered)
Inspiring thank you for sharing
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